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Laura Allen, Esq.
Attorney for Animals

Laura Allen, Esq. is the founder and Executive Director of Animal Law Coalition which advocates for the rights of animals to live and live free of cruelty and neglect.

 Laura Allen is a trial attorney with more than 20 years of experience trying cases and arguing appeals in the state and federal courts in Washington, Illinois, Missouri and Arizona. She is a member of the bar of the U.S. Supreme Court.  

Several years ago, when she and her husband adopted a dog from the local shelter, they had no idea how he would change their lives. Thanks to their beloved dog, Luke, she became involved in animal welfare. Laura first worked as an attorney for Best Friends Animal Society, helping establish programs to stop breed bans and puppy mills.

Laura then founded Animal Law Coalition. As she explains, “Like many of you, I could see the suffering that goes on every day in shelters, breeding facilities, factory farms, slaughter houses, animal "parks" or exhibits, circuses, animal research facilities, and homes where there is abuse or neglect. I could see the policies of the federal as well as state and local governments were more focused on  expedience, cost and convenience when it comes to animals than their humane care and treatment, their right to live. Government policies are more focused on development than restoration of wildlife habitat and conservation of the animals in the wild. 

“I could also see the public has little awareness of the suffering or of government policies towards animals.”

Animal Law Coalition hopes to change that. Through analysis of the legal issues that affect animals, ALC strives to inform and engage the public in the fight to stop animal cruelty. Animal Law Coalition funds litigation and lobbying efforts to affect government laws and policies to stop the abuse and suffering. In particular, Animal Law Coalition has a program to initiate and support litigation to prevent breed bans and also to preserve wild horses and burros on their historical range. Animal Law Coalition also actively provides resources and supports lobbying efforts to pass legislation to address, in particular, puppy and cat mills, devocalization, tethering of dogs, use of animal gas chambers and anti-horse slaughter legislation. In 2009 the Rhode Island House of Representatives passed a resolution drafted by Animal Law Coalition that called for the passage of a pending federal bill to end slaughter of American horses. Animal Law Coalition assisted in the passage of the 2009 anti-tethering law in Nevada.  

Laura Allen is a frequent speaker and a regular guest on Animals Today Radio, Wild For Life Endangered Talk Radio and 'The Nature Connection' on Big Blend Radio. She serves on the advisory board of Saving America’s Horses and WFLF Wild Capture Awareness. She works with Compassionate Animal TV and Animal Advocate Television. She is an advisor to Our Stubby Dog Heroes, a project to restore the image of the pit bull dog.

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